PIAB / Gigasense


For the measurement and control of force in tension and weight, where accuracy, reliability and safety in all conditions is required.

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The RTM 20D Rope Tension Meter

Used where accurate measurement in pre loaded wire ropes is required.

  • High quality, long life expectancy – outlay costs are quickly recouped
  • High accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Durable
  • Full back up service and in-house calibration
  • Comprehensive range to suit all load measuring needs
  • Suitable for use in all industries
  • The unit can be installed without the need for the wire rope to be disconnected

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Automatic Safety Hook

  • Automatically hooks up, safety locks and releases.
  • The risk for injury is dramatically reduced.
  • No climbing or helpers injured or squeezed by the load in the dangerous loading or drop zone.

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The LKVE is a force transmitter which is attached to a stationary rope part. The LKVE gives a 4-20mA output signal. It has high repeatability, is made for use in aggressive industrial environments and fully conforms to IP 67.

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LKV Overload Guard

The LKV Crane Overload Guard is designed for easy installation without disturbing the crane, particularly on overhead traveling cranes, container handling equipment and haulages where operators may not know when they have an overload condition.

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