Nuclear / MOD

Nuclear Industry

Offering a service to the nuclear industry to help maintain their equipment in a radiological environment offering the following services:

  • Specialised crane maintenance
  • Crane refurbishment
  • Decommissioning
  • Handling nuclear substances safely

Over the past 15 years Crane Care has been involved with numerous projects in the nuclear industry. To name but a few:

  • Wylfa Power Station – fuel element hoist refurbishment
  • Wylfa Power Station – fuel route crane refurbishment & 60t maintenance crane refurbishment
  • Bradwell Power Station – crane service programme – fuel route decommissioning – active waste vault crane refurbishment
  • Dungeness Power – 20t turbine hall crane refurbishment
  • Maintenance bay crane refurbishment
  • Oldbury on Severn – fuel route crane survey
  • Skip handling crane refurbishment
  • Flask handling crane refurbishment
  • Polar crane long travel rail replacement
  • Crane & specialised lifting beam design & manufacture for Hong Kong low level nuclear waste storage facility
  • UKAEA new crane manufacture for handling drums of low level waste

We are familiar with the requirements and difficulties of working in the nuclear industry our engineers are fully trained for these types of operations and are all registered and are radiologically checked every year.

We are fully aware of the documentation requirements for the design and manufacture of new equipment and are ISO 9001 certified.

Ministry of Defence

Just a few examples of manufactured and supplied items to Ministry of Defence.

Shell Handler

Designed in calloboration with the Ministry of Defence, the shell handling system is an excellent example of our product engineering and development capability.

With ever more stringent requirements for the manual handling of loads, Crane Care were required to design and manufacture a piece of equipment for the safe processing of 155mm live shells.

Whilst the mass of each shell was only 40kg, they were required to be loaded both vertically and horizontally with a high degree of accuracy.

The Solution:

  • Tapered construction with nylon sides for smooth loading or unloading
  • The shell was secured by a specially lined friction band through an over centre locking mechanism
  • The friction band also incorporated a locking device to prevent accidental rotation for the horizontal loading position
  • Safe rotation of the shell through 90° was achieved through the addition of friction discs
  • Additional features included operating handles, locating prongs and adjustable pendant

Bridge Turning Device

Crane Care was commissioned to design and manufacture a device for rotating the new aluminium bridge sections for inspection purposes the new bridge has replaced the old baileys bridges used throughout the Second World War.

The device enables the rotation of the bridge by either mechanical or electrical means it can then be locked in position via an indexing plate and an engineer can then inspect the welds and structure for damage.

Floor Cranes

An assortment of various floor cranes for handling engines/gear boxes in the mechanical workshops throughout the world.

Test Weights

Test weights – fabricated to the Mod design using cast iron and plate steel in various sizes. Complete with lifting eyes for assembling the weights together for different safe working loads. This equipment is used for testing on site facilities all around the world.