Collision Avoidance

Gigasense Anti-Collision function

Gigasense anti-collision system controls and protects track bound cranes and similar machinery, controlling distance, speed and direction. Each unit A and B consists of an active antenna and a relay box. The antenna sends a microwave signal to the opposite system. By using Doppler technique, the distance, speed and movement can be controlled and managed via the relay box. There are 3 relays in the relay box:

  • Relay 1 = Warning (speed reduction).
  • Relay 2 = Stops crane movement.
  • Relay 3 = Function control.

Gigasense Anti-Collision safety

Gigasense anti-collision system / collision avoidance system protects people and property. The system has a built in self diagnostic function that monitors the system performance every three seconds.


  • Cuts crane repairs, downtime and costs.
  • Easy and straight forward to install.
  • Maintenance free.


  • Working distance
    2–25 m. Optional: up to 40 m.
  • Speed range
    0.1 – 5 m/s relative speed between two moving cranes.
  • Speed dependence
    The alarm limits can be increased to 0 – 7 m per m/s relative speed.
  • Lowest alarm speed
    0.1 m/s (down to 0.05 m/s as option).
  • Relay outputs
    3 pcs. altering relays (2000 VA/8A).
  • Temperature range
    -25°C to +70°C.
  • Supply voltage
    230 VAC alt. 115 VAC (24 VDC as option).
  • Transmitter power
    < 0.5 mW.
  • Gross weight & dimension
    37x37x33 cm, 12.5 kg.

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